San Pablo Yacht Harbor

The Vessel Coyote was used in the San Francisco Bay to remove debris like old pilings broken loose, and trees washed down from the Sacramento River into the Bay. We were intercepted by the Chevron Security Guards again as we rendezvoused , but Vickie tamed them. We then moved on to the Harbor where Roz and her many dogs welcomed us. It was a very pleasant day, cool but nice. There was a lot of smog or haze in the air that you can see in the distance. I added some streaks of Amazonite to the Cobalt+Ultramarine blue water for the greenish color. The sky is a Cobalt Blue wash. I started with wet paper above the horizon. Then I used a weak wash of permanent orange where the background hill is and let it go up into the sky area. Then I started at the top and came down with the cobalt wash almost fading to plane water just before meeting the orange. I left out the many other boats to the left and right of this view.

Larry Hatfield

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