Meeker Slough

I loved the Meeker Slough and might return on my own another day. There is a lot to paint if you factor in the tide levels. I returned to the same spot this Saturday, hoping to finish the parts of this view closer to me, but found the tide to be opposite to what it was last Saturday. It was high and getting higher! I finished this painting from memory and from the little bits above the waterline I could still see. The 18 x 24" canvas was a better size to work on. In the meantime, I painted the view to my left of the rapidly flooding slough on a smaller canvas, but one stretcher bar was broken and the canvas was not taut, adding a new dimension to my misery. There were coots and I struggled to add them to the water, with disastrous results. I am hoping to salvage this second painting and I might post it this week. Rebeca


  1. Yes, I love it there too. You did a good job showing the richness of the colors in the marsh and the more subtle colors in the distance. Lets go back this week if we can coordinate some time.

  2. You really captured the muddy banks of the waterway. I like the colors too, I think most wouldn't believe that those colors are in a marsh, but they are. The big arc of the stream makes this composition one your eyes want to enter and wander along. That one bush on the left is enough to keep me from going off the canvas and come back to explore the right tributary.