I think there were too many unhappy ghosts after Halloween. We all seemed to have a difficult time painting today. I tried to save this one, but I am not happy with it at all. The big eucalyptus tree was too dark, so I tried to lift the color, now its lighter but looks scrubbed. I cropped it quite a bit to focus more on the building. That is what I wanted to paint. There is no roof, and I wanted to get the glow of sunlight inside. That is about the only thing that did work on this painting. I darkened the tree behind the building and darkened the foreground grass in hopes of making the sunlit building the most contrasty thing. The yellow tree kind of competes, it was going to be more yellow-green, but I left it.

Larry Hatfield

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  1. Rebeca says: I can see that the two bigger trees came out a little flat. I am sure you were trying to work on them but that's watercolor. The yellow tree and the building are another story. The reflected light on the inside of the building, as well as the tree's shadow give an excellent sense of the light outside and to me were very successful.