73 Out of Water

Marilyn and I are holding up the reputation of the East Bay Plein Air Painters. We were the only ones again this week. We decided to walk from Cesar Chavez Park to the Berkeley Marina and this boat was up on some supports out of the water. I liked my value sketch, then when I drew this on the larger paper, I thought I should have made the boat bigger, focused more on that. I used masking fluid to keep the mast and some of the lines while I painted the dark tree background. I used some on the tops of some of the pampas grass too. It has been easy to work wet with watercolors lately, the humidity is high and the air is cool so you don't have to worry about it drying too fast.

Larry Hatfield

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  1. The first thing I notice is the beautiful mass of background trees, with their delicate edges and the subtle golden glow in the middle. After that, my eye jumps to the slanting, white bridge, and thence to the marvelous detail in the forground dirt and grass. Finally my eye moves up the mast of the boat. Amazing detail, Larry, and a compelling composition from an seemingly unremarkable subject.