John Muir's Orchard

John Muir's house sits atop a hill on vastly reduced lot. Only two small orchards remain behind it. The house did not call me and neither did the adobe. I even dared think the orchards did not hold a lot of interest at first, but I was to be proved wrong. The longer I sat there, the more interesting those parts shrouded by the hills' shadows became. But I had chosen the wide paved path with the shadows cast by the orchard. This was an interesting 18 x 24" oil because it took a life of its own. I would not change the colors if I had to do it again and I like the color harmony, but the painting as a whole feels a little scary, like the orchard is haunted or something. Joan mentioned a "tension" between the elements that I also see. Is there (should there always be) a focal point?

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  1. Really lovely light here...the branches are wonderful.