Monday, January 25

Session cancelled because of rain. We will try again next week to get toPort Costa. Marilyn says: "There is parking and cafes, although open sporadically. Restrooms are scarce to nonexistent, so you can use the one located before coming to Port Costa at the Crockett Hills Regional Park. Lots of quaint houses on hillside, historical buildings, cars, people - not much straight scenery." Larry says the bar in Port Costa claims to have over 400 different kinds of beer!

Directions: Head toward Crockett on 80. Take the Crockett/Pomona St exit, which curves under the bridge. Make an extreme left, almost an u turn, at the light. This will take you again under the freeway/bridge and to Pomona St., Crockett's main drag. Continue on Pomona St. past the lights and residential part of town. Pomona St. becomes Carquinez Scenic Drive as you exit Crockett. Continue and turn left on Canyon Lake Dr. Continue to the end, where there is a parking lot facing the strait. We meet at this parking lot.

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