Tomales Bay

It was an interesting day at Point Reyes. And although it would have been nice to paint the choppy water at the beach in the park we were scared off by the warnings on the radio and the fact that some of the low lying areas leading to the beach were flooded. We retreated to a small park past Inverness where the bay loops around in a sort of canal. You can usually walk around the canals but some of the trails were way too muddy. It was a great view though with the last of the storm clouds and the sun breaking through. I painted this and revised several times. At one point there was a very pink tree in the foreground that I took out. It is an 18 by 24 acrylic. Karen

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  1. I think the water came out great, much more realistic than mine, for example. I know that's not what you are going for, but it happened here.