This fishing shack on the Carquinez Strait was in my memory from drawing it about a year and a half ago. After spending a week painting in Crockett, I was looking for something different. I think I over worked parts of it, but I think I stopped myself in time to save the painting. I moved the boat some distance to better fit the composition. I found some little shade on a small beach. At first I thought this was not going to work since the shadow side of the building was my view, but I think it works OK since the rest of the painting is light.

Larry Hatfield


  1. This is beautiful Larry - what a great sense of distance with the hills in the background and the dreamy water and little boat in the foreground. Your color is really sensitive and well balanced too and the whole piece has a great sense of unity.

  2. Rebeca says: The space you leave in your paintings is always effective, you leave lots of breathing space for the focal point. I liked the colors of the hills in the background. This one reminded me more of your work a few months ago.