Lake Anza Rock

Marilyn and I deserve a Medal for bravery in the face of a multitude of dogs while painting. Seven Golden Retrievers at once diving in the water and running around wet. Then about 5 more dogs in ones and twos with people came by us.

I tried to do the water in only two washes today. I think I did at least 3 last time and it got a little dull. There may be a way to do water like this without wetting the paper first, but I haven't figured that out yet. I think the rock looks like its floating on the water, so I may have to fix that. I don't know how yet, maybe just a couple of streaks across the surface.

Larry Hatfield


  1. Rebeca said: I like this composition more than the cropped one. You may have to accept that the yellow tree wants to rule your painting. The rock is beautiful, it reminds me of renaissance paintings. I almost expect to see Sassetta's angels coming out of the water.

  2. I agree with Rebeca on the composition - this one is much more balanced and secure somehow. I love your water and the contrast with very precise treatment of the trees. Plus I love your palette.