Lake Anza, Tilden Park

I finally managed to make it dark enough, or too dark, I don't know. I completely lost the masses of leaves on the left side of the tree and had to recreate them at home. I wish I had used a different color for the long horizontal shadow behind the trees, maybe something more related to the orange/brown bank in front of it. I think I was relying too much on blue to make the shadow. Each painting is a learning experience. The contrast of the yellow tree was important, but the sun on the bank causing the reflection in the water was another interest point.

Larry Hatfield

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  1. the lake has incredible darks and you clearly were trying to tackle that here. This one looks too dark in the small post but when I enlarged it I could see the shapes and shadows much better. I think you are on the right track and look forward to see what you do next week.