Monday, October 5

There are many ways to get to Lake Anza if you live in Berkeley. You can go up Spruce St, but we are linking you to a map because nowhere on the internet are there better instructions than "go up Spruce and follow the signs."

Updated Directions if you are coming from El Sobrante or San Pablo, You'll need this map. Get on North Arlington Rd as if you were going to Berkeley, then make a left on Boynton St. North Arlington Rd is divided at this point. You'll have to wait until you get to a turning lane and go back on NA Rd to make a right on Boynton. On Boynton, go uphill until you see Colorado Ave,then continue going uphill until you hit Michigan Ave, then uphill again until you see Spruce. Turn left on Spruce. You'll cross Grissly Peak later, and find yourself on Wildcat Canyon Rd. Go on Wildcat until you see a Lake Anza sign pointing to your left. You will get to the multiple intersection, and take the one that seems to go in the opposite direction, which should be Lake Anza Rd. We'll meet at the very last parking lot.

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