Lake Anza

Lake Anza offers a wonderful variety of
trees and foliage to paint. I chose
this view because of the brilliant
yellow leaves, which glowed against
the somber greens and browns
surrounding them.

The painting seems to employ two different, competing styles, without
really harmonizing them. The tree shapes on the left read easily despite the lack of detail, and have a playfully stylized quality. The trees on the right are done in a more detailed, "realistic" way that tends to obscure their shapes. Given that they are in the foreground, detail is appropriate, but I wish I could have given them the same stylized clarity of shape as the ones at the left.


  1. Rebeca says: I an't get over how well the cadmium yellow tree seems to "emit" light. The entire water is so fantastic, because you did it with dry brush and you made it work for you. I would say the style is harmonious already, and I love the complementary color harmony in this painting.

  2. You have so many interesting shapes in the background, yet the Yellow trees are so strong they bring you back

  3. This really reminds me of two English painters - Stanley Spencer and Paul Nash, who both did great landscapes. These colors are wonderful and your reflections are scrumptious. Fran