Garden at Point San Pablo

I had noticed that during the previous week at Point Molate, a Chevron guard had parked his vehicle at some distance of our meeting point, and that he had never stopped watching our group. But, he never got off his truck to say anything, and we left for point San Pablo. This week, the same thing happened as soon as I got there, but this time the guard told us his supervisor was coming, and he did. We did tell the supe we were painters, but the issue was our proximity to the fence that divides the road from Chevron property. Ten minutes and three patrols later we left, not without Vicki's valiant efforts to befriend the supervisor (they were successful).

When I got to the yatch harbor, I was calmer but had a hard time finding something to paint. Everything seemed too complicated, or was in a location that would have required me to face the cold wind. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood. So I settled for facing the sun, and for the cheerfulness of the little garden I found at the end of the harbor's parking lot. Rebeca

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  1. This acrylic has a watercolor feel. I like the softness of the shapes and the glowing light.