Dimond Park - first visit

I only made it to the first Dimond Park outing and when I emerged from the bushes everyone had left, which was fine. I seemed to have chosen a very busy spot with lots of boys throwing stones into the creek and families trailing up and down behind me. Once I got used to that I began to really enjoy being there and one young man asked if he could join my painting business. It's only now that I realize what he meant – an apprentice would be very useful for carrying things around and I should have said Yes! These two are 10 x 8 and the tree had very minor touching up while the other one of the creek received a bit more reworking the other day.


  1. I like both of these. The majestic big tree on top is monumental. I love those old trees. The other one seems more impressionistic. And it looks like its the creek. The reddish foreground really makes this for me.

  2. Fran, I like how you place oil paint on the canvas. you have a way with the blending and use of color that makes the viewer feel close to the medium's true character.