Mare Island Waterfront

Rebeca, Marilyn, and I painted the same thing at Mare Island today. It was cold to start, then warmed up. The paint wasn't drying so fast today, I had such a hard time on Saturday with that. Everything was leaning left so I fixed it in photoshop. I just rotated the image and cropped it. I juiced up the color just for fun. The colors were sort of drab and it was overcast too. I forgot my brushes, but Marilyn kindly lent me two. I also forgot a pencil, so I sketched with a light wash of ultramarine blue. Then I painted the sky. Then the buildings and cranes, then the water. I darkened the sea wall in the foreground. It kept drying too light, after about 3 tries, I really put down the pigment.

Larry Hatfield
10x14 watercolor


  1. I like how you manipulated the color and values. And yes, it some times takes several layers to get a super dark value. What i enjoyed the most is the sky!

  2. I'm liking those cranes and the color in the buildings!