Sausal Creek I and II

I started out two weeks ago, fascinated by the same green reflection Larry saw on the water. Unfortunately, this was one of the few times when I can say acrylic did not facilitate things. I should have used retarder, I know. But I didn't have any with me, and the hot day dried up my paints at a record rate. I also did not love the treatment I gave it. I did not want to tell a story so the woman and the children (they were sitting there the whole time), although tempting subjects on their own, become a distraction. As much as I worked on this first version at home, it seemed beyond repair, so I returned the following Saturday with oils, a spatula, and a 20 x 20" canvas. The result was more what I wanted. I felt ill after and hour and left, and it turns out that was precisely the moment when I should have stopped.


  1. Really love everything about the piece on the left – clear and dynamic color and wonderful energy and precision. Wow! Fran

  2. You captured a lot in a short time. Its interesting to see them side by side. The one on the left looks more dynamic.