Rodeo Beach Rocks, Marin Headlands

This was from the end of April. I had a big problem with a rock that looked like a giant dead turtle. I didn't know how to fix it, so I just cut it off the bottom and made this a 9.75 x 20.5" horizontal. The bottom half of the painting wasn't finished because of the high winds that made it difficult to continue. The winds nearly took the board out of my hands. So, I tip-toed back through the poison oak. Then trudged back across the sand hoping the sand would remove the p.o. from my shoes. I wanted to paint the mustard colored tops of the cliff. I started out aiming to paint Bird Rock which is to the right, but decided on this.

Larry Hatfield

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  1. I remember that trip. I think that's where I lost my brushes. It was so cold. Your painting though is full of warmth.