Sausal Creek

This was a new location for me. I hiked along a path and crossed a road where I saw the name of the creek. I came back near the building where all the kids were playing at Dimond Park. Usually, when I try to paint water, I wet the paper first. However, this time I didn't. The green reflection was so bright that I didn' t want to loose that. I painted that first after the top third, then put in the darks, then the rocks.

Larry Hatfield
10x15" watercolor


  1. Amazing job on that reflection, and the rocks themselves. Seems like you used a colder palette for this watercolor. Did you? The day was colder than the previous Saturday.

  2. I'm really attracted to your recent compositions without sky or horizon and I like the way this one has a great deal going on but leads the eye through the picture to the far bank of the creek. Great reflections I agree. Fran

  3. I used the same palette of colors. I used the blue reflections in the foreground, made the browns with violet and Q. gold. and a little phthalo blue.