Monday, May 17

Session cancelled: we cannot paint in Mare island because of rain. If there are some of you who would like to stop checking the blog for updates: Become a follower! When you do, you get an e-mail notification in your inbox any time there is a new post, so you don't have to check manually. And if Karen or Rebeca forget to send e-mail updates, you'll be covered.

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  1. Be prepared for some of the biggest mosquitoes you have seen in awhile, especially if you are in the shade.

  2. I take it you've gone recently?

  3. I went with Carol Aust about a month ago, I think it was. I tried to paint the St. Peter's Chapel then. I was in the shade across the street and was pestered by them. I got out my bug spray which seemed to help, I didn't get bitten.