Monday, May 10

Rain has been forecast for Mare Island. We will postpone our trip until next Monday. Larry says "There are a lot of old Navy buildings and some cranes and equipment and waterfront warehouses & boatyard places. There are some historic houses and things that look like bomb shelters." Leslie Wilson adds: "The dry dock area is great - lots of cranes and old buildings next to the water. Also, just a few blocks away is the officer's quarters with mansions which is good too." You can find a map here.

Directions: Go north on I-80 until the I-780 exit. Don't take 780, but as you exit stay on the frontage road until the second exit. Go west onto Curtola Way. Take Curtola until you get to the water. The road bends to the right and becomes Mare Island Way. Stay on that until you see the Mare Island Causeway (the bridge). Once across the causeway, turn left onto Railroad Ave. The first turn is Nimitz, then Railroad near the end of the causeway. About a block and a half or two there is an empty parking area to your right, right before "C" Street, which is where we'll meet. We don't know of any public bathrooms on the island. Bring your own water, and your cell phone in case we miss each other.

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