Briones Park

My concentration in this painting was to explore negative shapes in watercolor. For instance, the tree in the foreground was light against a medium to dark background. In watercolor, painting white or light detail over a dark is generally not an option. So the exercise was to see and paint the spaces between objects. Although I didn't in this painting— I occasionally cheat and use white gauche to create an opaque light. This practice is frowned on by many purists. However John Singer Sargeant expertly used gauche when it suited him so.......The tree was frail, dead and complex with lacy branching. So conveying this with interest and some conviction was my other challenge.

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  1. Rebeca says: You are right about JSS. In fact, I often wonder what modern watercolor societies would say about his work. He might get rejected because of his use of gouache! I imagine him saying something like, "I am not a watercolorist, I am a painter." I have read he was somewhat embarrased of the recognition his work on paper got, because he didn't consider them more than sketches : (