Monday, December 14

No rain, wind or cold weather has been forecast for tomorrow, so we're going to Golden Hills Park, located in Martinez between Reliez Valley Rd and Pleasant Hill Rd., off Blue Ridge Drive. Leslie says, "It is a charming little park with good views of trees, hills and Mt. Diablo from its Sterling Drive entrance. There are also parking areas off Bernice from Blue Ridge Drive, and other streets near Reliez Valley Rd."

If you live north of El Cerrito, your best bet is to take San Pablo Dam Rd. to 24, and follow the directions below. Or, take 80 to highway 4, get off on Alhambra (south), make a left at the light, and make a left on Blue Ridge Dr., which turns into Reliez Valley Rd. You should see the park to your right almost as soon as the road becomes Reliez.

If you're in Oakland or Berkeley, take 24 as if you were going to 680. Pleasant Hill Rd is the last exit before the 680 junction. Go north on Pleasant Hill Rd. At the fork, take the left which is Reliez Valley Rd. Continue on it and pass Grayson Rd. Right after Blue Ridge Dr, you should see the park to your right.

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