Grand View of Mount Hamilton

The weather was cold to start with, and we were up high at the Roberts Recreational Area. Some of us wore long underwear, turtlenecks and wool hats, but it didn't matter. By 3:15 we were frozen. I walked up a short path to a lookout named Grand View. You could see Mount Diablo and Mount Hamilton. I was mostly concerned with not painting the exact same spot Karen had painted the week before, so I descended a bit down the hill and looked straight ahead. This was not a high energy day, and I just painted what was in front of me. Surprisingly, I ended up moving some trees in this composition, and not painting the oaks that were closest. This enabled me to spend more time on color and on the mood. Rebeca

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful treatment of all those trees. You've created a very convincing atmospheric perspective here. The foreground is nice and crisp, and the view softens as it receeds, till you reache the blue mountains, which are hazily suggested. The consistent shadows create a vivid sense of late afternoon sun. Very nice job on a challenging subject.