Briones Road

Larry and I were painting close to the same spot. Larry caught the stripes, I faltered. It seemed I spent a long time fishing for colors. The sparce leaves were this odd shade of dull pinky orange. The trunks of the trees hung from the foliage like black sticks on a very green background. My version kept looking like blossoming trees in the spring so I ended up experimenting by just using grey and black paint — usually a no-no in some camps — so ok break rules. Also adding compliments in the detail to grey down. The feeling of the day was cold. I now have an appreciation of just using black paint.

Marilyn Hill

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  1. I love the subdued colors you used. The orange/brown trees are absolutely charming, especially their delicately drawn trunks and brasnches. The dramatic diagonals made by the sloping hillsides give this painting a lot of energy.