Briones Regional Park Winter Oaks

Only 2 lonely painters today. Marilyn Hill and I painted not far from the parking at the top of Briones Rd. It was a lot dryer today, but still some mud. We haven't figured out what kind of oaks these are, but they had an appealing orange leaf canopy. The leaves look like Blue Oak, but I didn't think Blue Oaks dropped their leaves. I will get out my field guides and try to figure this out. It was overcast with a little sun now and then. I was not happy with the painting when I left the park, but after seeing it from a distance, I think I'll keep it. I might carry on the dark behind the middle ground trees up to the left some more.

Larry Hatfield


  1. Rebeca says: Yes, carrying on the dark would push the trees forward, but the original value is so faithful to the kind of day it was I think.

  2. I like this diagonal march of the orange tipped trees up the hill. The ridgetop to the top left is especially nice and muted for distance.