Painting by the Grizzly Peak Overlook

I returned to the overlook and decided last week's painting was not going to happen and had to be painted over. The light was totally different and I was not going to return to Grizzly Peak to finish it because of how cold it is up there. So I set up on a ledge below the overlook, took some dark blue acrylic and covered the canvas completely. I could hear people describing the view to out-of-town visitors, and Latino dads telling their kids to be quiet. While I was waiting for the canvas to dry, I started to meditate on the composition problems in front of me. Everything was far away, and if I looked to the side the hills were too steep for the shape of my canvas. After a couple of minutes of this, I was startled by the rustling of bushes behind me and turned around to find a cyclist taking a video of me painting. After letting him know a hello would have been nice, I pulled my hoodie over my head and looked straight ahead. The only solution was to change things a bit. I manipulated some bushes and trees to add a bit of interest, but the colors are the same. The painting ended up being on the dark end of the value range because of how dark the day was. As I was finishing up, I heard the bushes getting trampled on. A family of twelve was approaching. They froze when I turned around and I felt bad for them. So I smiled and said, "Ok, come closer and I'll tell you the story..." Rebeca

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  1. Yikes - way out on the ledge painting! I recognize the view - and really like that you were able to record the light between the clouds and the water and the BLUE cast over the land. The layers of treelines I especially like giving a sense of distance and capturing the sunny slope as well.