Saturday, Dec 26

We return to the Grizzly Peak Overlook. Directions: Pass the Grizzly/Centennial intersection and continue south on Grizzly Peak. Watch for the end of the residential area and the beginning of a twisty section of Grissly Peak. Watch for parking areas overlooking the bay. After some twists and turns, you'll pass the following in quick succession: a small parking area to your right, with trees blocking the view. Then, immediately to your left, a trailhead. Then, to your right, you'll pass a small parking area without trees. The last parking area is bigger, has no trees, and has an unobstructed view. This is where you'll meet us. There are bathrooms at the trailhead, but bring your own water. This map shows the three parking areas described above:

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  1. Look forward to painting with everyone at Grizzly Peak. Have a fantastic holiday today. Fran