Saturday, Dec 19

Cancelled because of rain. We won't go the Grissly Peak Overlook this Saturday. We also conducted a poll by e-mail to see how much interest there was in painting this Saturday, and all but one will not be able to go, either because it is too cold or rainly and we are sick, or because we are unable on this day. The Grissly Peak Overlook is a beautiful area, but high up on the Berkeley hills. There is a 90% chance of rain predicted for this weekend, but even if it doesn't rain, if will be too cold to paint. We will keep trying! In the meantime, let us know what you are working on during the rainy weather, we might talk about it on this blog.

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  1. Some rainy day gallery suggestions (for those not sick, final projects or in the thrall of shopping:

    THEN & NOW: Artists Explore the Bay Area
    A California Art Club Centennial Juried Exhibition

    Epperson Gallery: Pam Glover and Jerrold Turner

    Knowlton Art Gallery Artist Choice Show

    American Legacy Our National Parks

    Fernando Botero: The Abu Ghraib Series at Berkeley Art Museum

    Any other local ones?