Above Port Costa Church

Marilyn and I went to Port Costa. I think it was Feb. 20th. We went up on the hills above the town. I painted the church from there, but didn't finish it. I got sick the next day and just got around to finishing it. I was sitting in the sun and the paint was drying too fast. That was a bigger problem because I was using a half sheet on a board. A vertical half sheet is a handful without an easel. I thought the roof of the spire was too dull. So I glazed perinone orange lightly over it, and it seemed to help. I also boosted the contrast in the trees and finished the far shore of the Carquinez Strait. The painting is about 14x20 as shown.
Larry Hatfield

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  1. Hi Larry I like the way this one came out. There is a real feeling of depth in it that wasn't there before.