Youth at Point Pinole's Pier

Daryl, Dennis, Joan and I took the van to the end of the line and walked to the hills next to the this pier, but I didn't seem to find a spot I liked. So I tried the pier, which at the beginning was full of grown men fishing. I instantly liked a Santiago (think The Old Man and the Sea) type who was resting on a chair, so I set up at the beginning of the pier hoping to get a good look. But the tide rose rapidly. My fisherman moved behind me with his whole entourage because they needed shallow water for their fishing. I thought there was a woman with them, but it turned out to be a boy whose voice hadn't changed. A group of kids touring the park on their bikes stayed on, making loud jokes and eventually coming by to see the painting. Then the sun disappeared, and Mr. Santiago said goodbye but not without first offering some good tips. Daryl and I walked the two miles back to the parking lot, while my oil collected flies. I didn't like my work and was ready to scrape the whole thing when I got home, but my mom liked this 18 x 18" sketch, so I worked on it extensively the next day.

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