Rheem Creek, Richmond

We ended up at the mouth of Rheem Creek just off Goodrick Avenue. The atmosphere changed dramatically, including about 3 rain showers. I had raindrops on my watercolor. I went over part of the painting to work on that and darken some parts. I almost quit, but then the sun came out again. There were some of these concrete foundations of something long gone. So I decided to try and paint one. I cropped off the top of the sky. The water kept changing too. There were light blue area dark brown, yellow brown when the sun hit. I just left it the way I had it to start. Although it isn't the way it really was. I was happy to get out and paint again after being sick for 2 weeks.

Larry Hatfield


  1. You managed to get the light just right on this building Larry! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. A sensitively rendered and altogether peaceful painting, considering all you went through to make it. I'm glad I played hooky that day.