Point Pinole

Lovely warm day, a flat trail and goats in front of us. Lots of fun hearing them bleat at first but it did get a bit wearing after 2 or 3 hours. They were constantly moving and fascinating colors too. I decided to stand in an area near Rebeca and Joan that was perhaps a bit too marshy and wet, and in shade quite quickly but Point Pinole is a place I'd love to return to, though I think my kit was a little heavy for the walk back to the car park. The shuttle out though is great. I had an old frame that measured 10" x 20", so this was painted in oils on canvas board to fit. It was a challenge to get the color down, as the light changed constantly and I did a few watercolor sketches to 'warm up'. Thanks for nominating this great location!

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  1. Am liking the layers of warm earth colors of the grass against the cools of the sky - You sound like you all are having lots of fun beng outside in the sun again! Wiah I could join you all but 2 art classes this semester is busting my you-know-what in terms of being able to get outside and paint! Midterm assignments have me confined indoors drawing and painting. See you in the summer!