Wildcat Creek Bridge

I don't know why it took me so long to paint this. I started to feel cold and looked at my watch and it was 4:45 pm. So I packed up and started to leave when I saw a real Wildcat. It crossed the road about 50 yards from the bridge. While painting, I had to dodge two wet dogs. I was right next to the creek. One got me and the painting, but not too much damage. I had a hard time with the rock wall of the bridge. It ended up a little muddy, I think. But the color was kind of mossy green and tan. I darkened it at the end and that helped the trees. I used some masking for the highlights of the water as it flowed over the lip of the bridge culvert. I didn't know how else to keep that white.

Larry Hatfield


  1. I was worried when I saw that scout troop of about 30 people go your way! I love the colors and the values in this composition. Also, the subtlety pf the sunlight hotting the bridge. Seems it was well worth the difficult location.

  2. The scouts ran all around me and splashed on me and got sand in my palette. Fortunately it was before I had started to paint.