Painting at Rheem Creek

It was possibly one of the most challenging painting situations I've ever been in. There was a strong, cold wind coming in from the water. Thunderclouds kept passing us and dropping their showers on us, then the sun would come out and everything would look so beautiful that you felt bad leaving your painting unfinished. This happened four times (the last after Larry left). It was so cold and rainy I put my dog inside the truck! I was so glad not to be working in oils on such difficult weather. The temperature may be why I felt compelled to use cold primaries (alizarin, ultramarine, and lemon yellow) on this 16 x 20" canvas. I finished it at home from memory. Once there, it felt great to work on it without gloves and the constant threat of a flying easel. Rebeca

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  1. I like this view! Adding the artist really adds to the feeling of isolation out there...