Wildcat Creek Trail

I took my dog with us to provide additional protection in an otherwise lonely corner of Richmond Parkway. We got there early. It was going to be overcast but it was not going to rain, according to the forecast. As we walked, I noticed that this part of the bay trail was going to be a great hiking experience a couple of decades ago. The short paved trail ends at an oak grove with an elevated platform and two benches. There is a gate separating the grove from what looks and feels like a levee, although it could have been the next stage of the bay trail left unfinished. All around us we could see the Parchester Marsh expanse, and beyond it, Chevron. We crossed the gate to get a better view of the marsh. Marilyn and Karen went to the end, but Kafka and I stayed by the gate. Beryl chose the grove. After noon, a cold wind swept through the marsh and froze our hands and feet. Soon after a light rain fell and we were forced to leave at exactly 1:00 pm. I was glad to have picked acrylic to depict this 16 x 20" view of the grassy levee and the hills beyond. Rebeca

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  1. I like this perspective of the long view. Can't get enough of the refinery covered hills (sounds funny saying that)...