Gardeners and Shoppers at Annie's Annuals

I have never been to Annie's before. There were so many possibilities. I loved the way people looked among the plants and flowers and with the netting overhead. I had to work fast. I want to go back into the one with the gardeners to make the composition stronger.



  1. Love the workers, I think the composition worked. Love the nets in both paintings, I think they are very exciting. I totally recognize the gardener by himself.

  2. Karen, when I saw your second painting (still unfinished at the time) I was really looking forward to seeing how you were going to capture the low light under the shade nets. I like both of these paintings and they really capture the colors and the feeling of being in there!!

  3. Wow - lots of energy in both of these and I really like the group of 3 workers in the second one - I want to know what they're talking about.