San Franfoggy

Pretty windy out on the observation deck at Middle Harbor but a great panorama and lots to see. I decided to paint the SF skyline because it completely fascinates me and I try to memorize the buildings whenever I see it but I never can. Fog kept rolling in and out and the sky changed second by second. I only had some unmounted canvas with me and ended up with a very vertical sketch because it was all I could strap to my easel. Very interesting place and I will definitely go back at some point and try and tackle those cranes.


  1. This is a very delicate sketch I with very nice brushwork but you can't see that in this photo. How did you photograph it?

  2. I was going to say that the actual painting I saw was lighter in key and it must have been the photo that made it darker. I like how you placed the horizon line in the middle but made it work, also your choice of dimensions for the painting.