Mount Tamalpais & Oil Tanker

The contrast of Mount Tam with its wildlife refuge and protected redwoods across the Bay from the oil tanker loading at Chevron's pier caught my attention. I had painted at Keller Beach before and needed a new subject. I saw a picture of Percy Gray's painting with Mt. Tam in the background, so why not paint it. Most of the painting is sky, it actually goes higher than this shows. I had some trouble controlling the wash for the sky. I wanted to get lighter as I got nearer the mountain, but I must have added too much water about halfway down. We'll call them ghost clouds. Dealing with the elements and bugs and stuff falling out of trees is part of plein air. So far the birds haven't bombed me.

Larry Hatfield


  1. The details in this painting are really nice, the boat and dock in the distance, the waves quietly lapping at the beach and the cool looking forground shadows.

  2. I really like the colors/palette and the beautiful way you handled the beach/sandy area in the foreground. Also this piece reminds me a little of Japanese woodcuts - it might be the shape or position of Mount Tam or the simple composition with several elements - anyway it has that sense of calm - Looking forward to seeing you go wild Larry!

  3. Hey Larry - I liked the ship in the distance, and the waves. You choose views with a very good sense of what you can take on during a 2.5 hr period. You seldom take on more than you can handle, so your work always has this relaxed feel.