Middle Harbor Shoreline Park Tower

The observation Tower at the park: It was cold and windy, so I put on a vest and another coat over the one I had on. When I began, there was no sun, but after starting to paint, the sun began to break through and lit up the Tower. The contrast of the gloomy fog and the sun lit Tower, the color contrast of the little blue sky and the orange roof was my objective here. I tried to paint the dark fog before it went away and I realized that I need to slow down, and pay more attention to the pigment to water ratio when painting into wet areas. I was fighting the urge to go into architectural rendering mode. I have that temptation with buildings. I still have a couple of touch up areas to do, but I am too tired to do it now.

Larry Hatfield


  1. I like the cold/warm, near/far, soft/hard contrasts in this piece and the way the space is divided. also the way you did the fog getting blown past your vantage point.

  2. It was cold and windy! Agree with Rebecca about your contrasts and also love your delicate colors.