Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

Ever since moving to the Bay Area, I've wanted to paint the Bay Bridge and San Francisco. Today the opportunity arrived!
The wind at this park is fierce. It blew my palette onto the ground once and almost tipped over my easel. I used bungee cords to fasten my easel to the boardwalk and keep it open at the correct angle.
Over the course of three hours, the mist on the skyscrapers dissipated, the brooding cloud cover lightened up, and the sun increasingly warmed up the buildings. The water level must have been changing, too, because brown, muddy areas began to emerge.
Around 1 PM we all gathered at the parking lot to look at each other's paintings. I had brought my camera and a nice groundskeeper agreed to photograph us. What a great-looking bunch of artists and art!


  1. Fastest poster in our group. Thanks for taking the pics and bringing a good camera. I wonder it it is okay with everyone to place a smaller version of our collective pict on the sidebar permanently.

  2. I love the complexity of your skyline Diana and the great colors and your water.

  3. This may not be my best painting, but I like it and would not feel ashamed if it were chosen to represent me.

  4. Diana, I forgot to comment on your painting! I like your palette, in fact I like your choice of colors in general. I think it was really successful in this case because you went more with a feeling than the exact colors of the bay in this day, and it worked very well. Rebeca