Miller Knox Pond

I reworked the water when I got home and it looks like it...but I was beyond caring. I didn't like what I had very much anyway. I was trying a new neutral brown and I got the color of the gray clouds using it with ultramarine blue, but it has a lot of sedimentation that shows. I usually like that, but not so much in the clouds. Some other places it looked muddy. So, I'll have to figure out what I can mix it with and for what effect. The clouds were interesting this day after a rain, the air was clear and clouds dramatic. I really struggled with the water. I haven't figured out how to show both the reflective qualities and the dark depths at the same time.


  1. It doesn't look overworked. I know you like a very fresh crisp look but watercolor can take quite a bit of working if you have good paper. I think we should go to Lake Anza after the Oalkland dates. There you are face to face with light and water. The painting could be based on the reflections. I will get the directions.

  2. I don't think the colors are muddy either. There's much that can be done after you get home, I do a lot of learning that way. Perhaps you're transitioning into another approach, with a larger range of values.

  3. I agree - colors are fine and the sky is fab – very atmospheric and quite dramatic. Sometimes it's good to be dissatisfied too because it spurs us on to make new discoveries and keep experimenting.

  4. Nice work.

    Russ (Blogger next blog)



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